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CoMissioners subscribe to 3 levels:

  • $1000 sponsors a PODpioneer;
  • $5000 sponsors a PODworks; 
  • $10,000 to $50,000 to sponor selected PODworks regional, national and continental hubs.

CoMissioners have an enterprise opportunity with each level of participation, working individually and collectively for the startup of PODnet and to support the initiative of PODpioneers and providing leadership to PODworks teams.

PODnet accepts a contingent commitment to refund these contributions.

POD Notes are tax-deductible

Notes can be redeemed in form of

  • POD Fresh Food
  • PODnet-SolaRoof Applications
  • Technical support and services

PODnotes are applied to jump-start socially responsible enterprise designed to generate a triple bottom line and to grow distributed financial capital to build a new balance with people, planet and prosperity, while profiting PODnet Members and their customers, vendors, stakeholders, and benefiting the whole community of life, as we act individually and collectively to heal our one home, mother Earth.