PODnet investment strategy

We are ready to accept investor. Now is the right time to move capital out of conventional business/property investment into PODnet developments of properties and food production projects that are sustainable and highly profitable.

Investors funds are directed into support of PODpioneers and PODworks COOPS that are starting up.

Most investments will be local. 10% of all investment will be directed to the PODnet global startup in Iceland. 10% to local PODworks product and service hubs and 80% will be directed into investments in infrastructure, buildings and systems for local food production.

Investors have equity in PODpioneers food enterprises and have steady profit sharing income from the produce that is produced in the AgriPOD´s (or other PODnet buildings). Investors have security position in the project and get PODnotes that reflect the investment directly in the PODnet global startup.

Connect with us if you are interested in becoming investor in the POD Enterprise Network (PODnet) 

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