The POD Enterprise Network offers opportunities for businesses, NGO´s and entrepreneurs to become PODnet affiliates that operate licensed product and service hubs.

PODworks can operate under any name and are independent enterprises that have commercial license to do business with PODnet-SolaRoof building applications and systems for regenerative production of food, energy and water.

PODworks hubs have license to replicate PODnet blueprints to manufacture, sell, distribute and service PODnet-SolaRoof products.

PODworks national hubs goal is to provide solutions to enable communities to become sustainable on fresh local food. The core purpose of PODworks is to provide high quality products and services to communities and serve PODpioneers that produce POD Fresh Food.

PODworks licensee is part of the PODworksGlobal Collaborative Organization and according to the PODnet plan the PODworks enterprise invests therefore 40% of net-profit in the global PODnet COOP. 10% of all investments go to build the global service infrastructure but mainly the investment´s are directed toward funding new local food pioneer projects.

PODworks in collaboration with PODworksGlobal has authority to issue new POD Notes for new local investments and to certify the quality of POD Fresh Food that is produced by and for PODnet members.