PODnet is growing fast

PODnet is gaining traction worldwide and we are happy to announce that the first production of AgriPOD(A-POD) will be delivered to Iceland in the new year. The goal is to setup the building kit in the summer of 2016. Now we are exploring lands in the capital area for the first AgriPOD that will both be a showcase and active research and development platform. We predict that many AgriPOD´s will follow, therefore we are open for suggestions and discussions with land owners that are interested in getting AgriPOD´s setup on their land. We are open for discussion of various ways to collaborate on building, and also on renting and investing in lands for local food production.

The PODnet technical and manufacturing team is coming together and we are making great progress in establishing supply chain to provide high quality eco-building products at a very low cost. This we do both to generate profit to share and build the PODnet infrastructure, as well as to provide worldwide solution for humanitarian work that supports global sustainability and human/natural caused crisis. 

We are working together in a open source manners so that we will soon be able to provide modular AgriPOD building kits that our goal is to sell for around $150.000. Finders fee for sales we estimate to be around $10.000 for each sold building kit. You can contact us if you want to invest in AgriPOD or know someone that wants to buy AgriPOD building kit.

Richard Nelson has been traveling to participate in various projects and support PODpioneers all over the globe. In his last visit to Iceland he came right away from Norway where he is working with Rita Westvik. Rita is leading quite interesting project that is called Urban Feed, and the first large scale building is to be built at the famous Prison Island where convicts get the change to rehabilitate in comfortable environment where they learn and grow food to become self reliant and serve the community. We look forward to presenting this project that can certainly be replicated in Iceland.

Richard Nelson experiencing virtual reality in Iceland

Richard Nelson experiencing virtual reality in Iceland

Soon we are aiming to offer you to take a virtual reality tour to experience how it is to be inside closed 600 square meter AgriPOD ecosystem.

In the visit to Iceland Richard had a good and productive time with Icelandic PODpioneers and PODworks Iceland National hub founder and PODnet co-founder Ríkarður Leó Guðmundsson. Good meetings where held with good people that are influential and interested in supporting and working with PODnet. We are open for collaboration with investors that want to buy AgriPODs, with people, groups and families that want to operate AgriPODs to grow fresh local food and those who want to buy and subscribe to local food and secure their food supply and support their local economy. 

We hope to be ready soon to formally establish the PODworksGlobal Collaborative Organization that will be registered in Reykjavik, Iceland. Part of the main roles of the organization is to invest in infrastructure by funding projects worldwide and operate digital social services for  PODpioneers, the PODworks enterprises and all the PODentrepreneurs that want access to low priced high quality food.

We encourage all those who are interested in educating themselves about our solutions to become part of a growing movement of local food providers. Become part of a movement that provides food security for you, your family, friends and community. You can invest in our solutions and we will make sure that you will be among those who get AgriPOD´s  from our first production runs and fresh food from the first AgriPOD´s that will be operated.

First production runs are going through in Canada and the US.  Part of our future vision is to make Iceland the global leader of SolaRoof product manufacturing and exporting eco-building solutions and installation systems. Therefore we are soon ready to begin discussions to explore collaborative opportunities with Icelandic public and private partners.

2016 is the year when we will become more visible and active in the community to inspire social collaboration in order to make local food real and accessible commodity for those who want to become sustainable.

PODnet launch - Earth day in Iceland

Richard Nelson´s talk on Earth day 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Richard came to Iceland in April. In his trip he gave a talk at an event that was organized by the Start-Up Center, the Permaculture Association and the Horticultural Society.


First Richard goes through part of global food problems that we need to deal with. Then he gives informative talk about part of the solutions that we can apply to close the hunger gap.

Local food is the answer, and we are working on providing solutions that anyone can access to become a local food provider.

The SolaRoof guy´s first trip to Iceland

Richard was interested in Icelandic architecture, specially the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavík City. 

Richard was interested in Icelandic architecture, specially the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavík City. 

Visit to the greenhouse/restaurant  at Friðheimar (Peace-world)

Visit to the greenhouse/restaurant  at Friðheimar (Peace-world)

Richard Nelson with his hosts from the Icelandic Start-Up Center

Richard Nelson with his hosts from the Icelandic Start-Up Center

Meet-up with Eivind, the Norwegian permaculturist.

Meet-up with Eivind, the Norwegian permaculturist.

At the event on Earthday, with the Icelandic Permaculture association, and the Horticulture society in Iceland.

At the event on Earthday, with the Icelandic Permaculture association, and the Horticulture society in Iceland.

When you get a visit from visionary inventor, you will take a trip to the local hardware store to explore opportunities to build and design systems.

When you get a visit from visionary inventor, you will take a trip to the local hardware store to explore opportunities to build and design systems.

We at the Icelandic Start-Up Center want to thank Richard Nelson for a great visit here in Iceland, and we look forward to welcoming Richard again to Iceland,  to share his knowledge and experience in building next generation regenerative buildings. 

In this trip we traveled and explored greenhouses in Iceland.  We held meetings with future collaborators and Richard presented lectures about global problems and offered solutions that we can apply to solve future need for clean local food.

It is clear that much effort is needed to modernize the greenhouse infrastructure in Iceland. The greenhouse and food growing industry is in many ways outdated, and technology currently in use was not originally developed for Arctic climate.

We need to explore collaboration to implement innovative solutions like the SolaRoof technology. SolaRoof is new open source design platform that allows us to collaborate to create and share optimal solutions, especially the AgriPOD that optimize yield and energy savings.

We consider the trip to be great success and hope that it will become one step toward opening the door to start a food revolution in Iceland; to inspire and enrich those pioneers that take action and apply the PODnet solutions to grow fresh local food for them-self and their society.

We share the solutions, it is up to the people to open their eyes and take action to secure sustainable flow of fresh local food. Early adopters, who we call PODpioneers, are those who are first to invest in their communities' regenerative food infrastructure. 

Soon we will found the PODworks Icelandic national PODnet product and service hub. In the future we plan to build effective network of PODworks hubs all around Iceland. Therefore we seek to explore opportunities to collaborate with both public and private partners. Connecting together what is needed to secure fresh local food for all people in Iceland.

Soon Richard will come back to Iceland and join the Icelandic PODworks team - collaborating with the team while we engage in building the first regenerative SolaRoof POD´s in Iceland.



PODnet launch in Iceland 2015

On Earth-day April 22 the Icelandic Start-Up Center will host an event with the Icelandic Permaculture Association and The Horticultural Society of Iceland. Richard Nelson will talk about solutions for sustainable food production.

One of our major solutions is the agriPOD, one of PODnet´s products that are today being developed by a global network through Creative Commons Share-Alike licenses. Open source is our way to create viral effect to supply the best possible solutions for local fresh food production.

We share our knowledge and design, our methods that can be replicated by those who are willing to Share-Alike and honor the obligation to 1% Pay-It-Forward donation to support future developments of the open source SolaRoof technology. The SolaRoof foundation that will play important role to lead the way for sharing optimal results when applying SolaRoof building methods.

-PODpioneers are those who will build the first wave of PODnet buildings. Those who grow the food.

-PODpreneurs are social entrepreneurs that operate PODworks social enterprises. We are developing a blueprint of a business model that is build through network of PODworks enterprises that provide products and service solutions to PODpioneers.
-PODners are those who invest and subscribe to fresh local food

PODworksGlobal Collaborative Organization will support PODpioneers. PODworksGlobal is to become a COOP that is owned and operated by those who enter into creative collaboration with the PODnetwork. PODworksGlobal is to be founded in Iceland, with a global outreach to PODworks all around the globe..

We are developing with this a food subscription system that enables people around the PODpioneer to fund the start-up and enjoy the fruits of their modest investment. Advanced online self-service system is in development. A system that will enable those who want to become sustainable on fresh food to act.

The national PODworks hub in Iceland is to be founded in 2015. It is part of a global network that we call the POD Enterprise Network. It evolves around PODnet service and product solutions that our aim is to mass produce as DIY building kits and systems for growing local food. Iceland is in our vision to become the global shipping hub for SolaRoof products.

The POD Enterprise network is now emerging In Iceland. In a global collaboration we hope to provide the solutions to close the hunger gap that is always getting bigger. Food security for all people is part of our mission.