POD Pioneering is for future generations of local food providers that practice and teach sustainable way of life

PODpioneers come up with all kinds of setups and operations to serve their communities. Eco tourism is ideal operation to combine with POD Fresh Food production

PODpioneers choose what setup and installations fits the needs of their communities

PODpioneers seek to produce clean high quality and and healthy food products

PODpioneers invest 20% of their profit in their global cooperative that funds new projects and service infrastructure to support local cooperatives and social enterprises owned and operated by the PODpioneers and PODpreneurs that invest in local food infrastructure

PODpioneers should be part of all communities that support sustainable developments to invest and operate sustainable infrastructure, PODnet - SolaRoof building solutions and systems that generate abundance of clean food, energy and water.

PODpioneers are local food entrepreneurs or PODpreneurs when they implement PODnet - SolaRoof solutions to operate cooperatives, social enterprises as operations to provide high quality food to their community.

PODpioneers are part of a global community. The PODpioneers are environmentally-conscious social entrepreneurs that are looking to bring fresh, tasty and affordable clean food to local communities.  

PODnet is gathering resources to make the lifestyle of sustainability and eco friendly living a practical and fun way of living. Our mission is to inspire and empower people to prosper as local community food providers. Being within a collaborative network of other like minded people and groups that seek to life rich and fulfilling lifestyle by operating local food productions that serve the community.

PODpioneers perks are to

  • Get members support from PODnet
  • Become members of a global COOP
  • Invest part of profit their in PODnet
  • Own and operate PODworksGlobal
  • Get discounts on PODnet products
  • Own or rent a POD from PODnet
  • Create new green jobs in the economy
  • Provide food security for communities

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