PODnet is about developing and producing sustainable eco-building solutions and systems, products that are designed to secure clean food, energy and water for all human beings on planet Earth. We promote and lobby for developments of open sources creative commons practices to make regenerative solutions available for all people to make people and the planet sustainable. AgriPOD is our research and development platform that builds on the SolaRoof bubble building technology.

The POD Enterprise Network is a Cooperative Organization that is emerging all around the globe through our PODpioneers, PODworks social enterprises and other PODnet members that contribute and work towards our common goals of providing sustainable clean food, energy and water for all people and make the sustainable for future generations.

PODnet is to become a channel for collective action in support of the emergent of PODpioneers and PODworks social enterprises. With a pro-active plan to provide PODnet membership, the PODpreneurs, with open source closed ecological environment technology, know-how, and both open and proprietary climate control and growing systems to profitably manage and operate a negative carbon footprint social enterprises for local, fresh food at their properties and homes to face the escalating energy prices, water and food shortage, enabling PODnet members to save and make money 24/7 while producing clean, healthy and tasty food. 

We are creating a channel for collaboration/cooperation that is becoming a catalyst for mobilizing a local to global movement of social entrepreneurs that give and get support from the community. 

PODnet is supporting the emergence of the AgriPOD solution for vertical farming of the 21st century. We adopt and develop a coop business model, and we invite and inspire collective action by our PODpioneers in advance of the formation of the COOP. After the formation of PODnet as a global COOP, registered in Iceland, we will then share our Creative Commons solutions to enable everyone, everywhere to be PODpreneurs who are growring real food with regenerative methods that are becoming well known - and where adopted widely communities and nations can become secure from the emerging crisis of food, energy and water scarcity. PODpreneurs are part of our humanitarian vision of FEW essential elements for all people on planet Earth.